District Grand Council of Sussex

District Grand Council of Sussex

Royal and Select Masters of England and Wales
and its Districts and Councils Overseas

Forthcoming Royal and Select Masters Meetings

Wednesday 20th February - King Offa Council No. 141

Wednesday 27th February - Brighthelmstone Council No. 15

Thursday 14th March - Meridian Council No. 191

Tuesday 26th March - Cavendish Council No. 295

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Grand Council of Sussex - 10th November 2018


RSM conference July 2018

conf2 conf1

The District Grand Master together with the District Officers and members of his escort team at the RSM Conference held at Peacehaven on Friday 13th July 2018.

Brighthelmstone Council No15 - 28th February 2018


The candidate for Super Excellent Master was Osiji Onah and the candidate for Select Master was Robert (Bob) Soper.
Ill Comp Richard Baker conducted both ceremonies with Ill Comp Paul Gosling and Ill Comp Glen Connelly sharing the Super Excellent Master lecture due to David Jones (who was down to do it) being unwell and Comp Alastair Richardson gave the Select Master lecture.
Ill Comp Glen Connelly attended with Ill Comp Mark Hoare as his DC.
Ill Comp Kevin Gillespie was attending as a member of our Council.